About Us
BILBO S.A. is an Ecuadorian company located in the city of Manta, Province of Manabí - Ecuador, established in 1993, to process and export seafood and aquaculture products, with the highest quality standards to satisfy the most demanding clients at a global level.

In 2011, BILBO S.A in its constant concern to satisfy the most demanding palates of the national market, introduces its own brand "El Pescador". In this way, Ecuadorians can enjoy healthy and exquisite products, with export quality.


“Participate in the food market with an emphasis on the marine and aquaculture products, to become a leader in its field at national and international level, manufacturing and innovating products of the highest quality, at the most competitive prices, with excellence in the service and giving them the highest added value possible.”


“BILBO S.A is dedicated to the transformation of marine and aquaculture products; for this purpose: it buys, processes and markets in international and national markets.”