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Fishing and fish farming contribute to food security in three main ways.

They directly increase the food supply of people, providing very nutritious animal proteins and important micronutrients. Fish also solves the problem of lack of food when there is a shortage. Finally, fishing and aquaculture offer employment and income that people use to buy other foods.

Worldwide, over 100 million MT of fish are consumed per year, providing 2.5 billion people with at least 20% of their average per capita intake of animal protein

This is even more important in developing countries, especially in small island states and in coastal regions, where often more than 50% of the animal protein consumed by the population comes from fish. In some of the countries with the greatest food insecurity - in many parts of Africa and Asia, for example - fish protein is essential and represents a large part of the consumption of animal protein, which in itself is scarce.

It is also important to keep in mind that about 97% of fishermen are in developing countries, according with the FAO.


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